Unity of London offers a Positive, Progressive Path for Spiritual Living.  We learn and practice positive powerful techniques for happiness, success and inner peace, to enhance our own lives and the lives of our families and everyone around us.  We’re out to make our world a better place to live for everyone, with everyone included and no one left out.

Transforming lives – that’s what Unity is all about.

The powerful principles and techniques we teach include:

Law of Attraction.

Mindfulness Meditation – Studies show that this practice reduces stress, adds enjoyment of life to your days and is empowering in you career.

Healing Meditations – If you or a loved one are having a physical challenge, come this Sunday at 10am for a powerful healing meditation.  Just let me know and I’ll gear that meditation to healing.

Meditations designed to improve your experience of abundance, from money to family to love.

The Importance of Happiness and how to get happy

The Law of Prosperity and Abundance

The Law of Forgiveness

The Law of Love


We draw upon the teachings of Jesus, the Buddha,  Abraham-Hicks, A Course in Miracles, the wisdom of the East, Patanjali, the Sutras, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and other gifted spiritual teachers who have great lessons for us.

Unity teaches that God is within you. In fact, you are Divine Source Energy manifesting in the physical world.  We are not dogmatic.  While we make suggestions for your peace, happiness and success, we are not doctrinaire or dogmatic.  You don’t have to adopt a creed or doctrine to share and learn with us.  We ask only that you be tolerant of others, open and accepting.

Diversity is encouraged and celebrated. All religions, creeds, lifestyles, races and ethnicities are welcome here.